if a log falls in the forest...

February 22, 2022

William Wechtenhiser

It turns out I really like to talk to people about data, data uses, ways to make money from data, ways to get smarter by looking at data… In recent conversations I’ve been somewhat surprised to hear (negative) things folks have to say about their current logging solution(s). I have to admit I had thought this was closer to a solved problem and not an area for us to focus on but I may be changing my mind on this.

Our platform is really good at capturing and managing data and then making it available for fast ad hoc analysis, and it removes some of the common complaints I’ve heard. In our platform:

If any of the above sound familiar, we’d love to talk to you. From our point of view we are looking to marry conventional logging with some other things we think are interesting, particularly combining client- and server-side logs to present a complete picture for websites. This can give much deeper understanding of user impact, cross-site traffic patterns (for those who, like us, really have multiple sites on the back end), and quality of service. For web-driven businesses we think that these kinds of insights can be key and it’s just too hard to do today.

Ultimately I think what we are converging on from a roadmap point of view is a business website analytics toolkit that we are hoping will be a one-stop shop for folks. We are having some really interesting conversations around combining CRM data with web analytics to provide insight into the sales cycle and deeper understanding of how user behavior drives value. Anyone want a drop-in CRM, web, app, and log analytics solution that “just works”? Email me.